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Industrial Manufacturing

Our services range from prototype to production-level parts, including tooling, forms, check gauges, jigs, fixtures, and molds. Our problem-solving horsepower solves the most complex production challenges.

Automation Tooling

ADDMAN enhances production automation by customizing part flow and manipulation during assembly or at end of arm tooling.

Labor Reduction

ADDMAN’s team of Additive Engineers are highly experienced in parts consolidation of complex subassemblies. The resulting 3D printed parts are higher quality and less labor intense.

Forms & Molds

ADDMAN uses proprietary technology to deliver high efficiency forms and molds. Our engineers create (or recreate) these assets with as little as worn out part, or unserviceable tool. The end result is a cost effective alternative to traditional solutions.

Fixtures for Production Efficiency

At ADDMAN we begin a project by understanding the unique problem(s) each customer is trying to solve. Our engineers work across multiple disciplines to deliver an outcome such as reduced handling, improved alignment and fastening, reduced in-process defects and faster cycle times.

Here are some of the Industrial & Automotive manufacturing environments ADDMAN serves

  • Yacht Builders
  • Custom Guitar Builders
  • Ambulance & Firetruck Manufacturers
  • High Volume Automotive
  • More…

More Industries


Launching into earth’s orbit, propelling assets and protecting them while traveling at hypersonic speeds is possible with our components. Our services range from the development of refractory metal thrusters and nozzles to precision machining of the most difficult materials.

Aerospace & Defense

ADDMAN produces mission-critical components for vehicles of land, sea, and air. We understand that for these applications, everything is on the line and the stakes are immeasurably high. Aerospace & Defense professionals choose ADDMAN as a single source partner because our capabilities are vast, our delivery is on time, and our quality is unwavering. The team at ADDMAN has provided components on nearly every major military aircraft for more than 50 years.


With 3D printing of metals and polymers and injection molding, ADDMAN makes medical device components, surgical tools, and acoustic accelerometers. Our processes, certifications, and personnel meet the highest quality standards.


ADDMAN solutions make energy generating components more efficient and sustainable by enabling optimal thermal operation at high speeds. Our industry leading 3D printing methods for refractory metals are enabling transformative steps in turbine components.