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Launching into earth’s orbit, propelling assets and protecting them while traveling at hypersonic speeds is possible with our components. Our services range from the development of refractory metal thrusters and nozzles to precision machining of the most difficult materials.

Commercial Space Applications

Parts We Produce

Our team produces high quality, commercial space applications for a variety of Tier 1 suppliers across additive and machining production methods.

  • In- Space Propulsion Elements
    • Satellite Positioning Control & Tug
  • RCS
    • Lander decent/ascent, abort/escape, and re-entry
  • Missile DACS & Post Boost Control
  • Hypersonic Missile Aeroshell Structures
    • Leading Edge & Control Foil
  • Hypersonic Missile Propulsion
    • Scramjet, RDRE
  • Thermal Protection Systems (TPS) for Re-Entry
  • Aero Engine Components
    • Jet liner, combustor, afterburner elements
  • Regen Rocket Engines
  • Nuclear reactor propulsion and power parts

The Refractory Metals Advantage

As a result of our work on space-specific components, ADDMAN is achieving breakthrough results. Our unique approach to metallurgy allows us to 3D print refractory alloys that have quality and durability that exceeds wrought material. Our applications have significantly higher creep resistance and remain stable at temperatures exceeding 2,000 degrees C.

  • 3D-printed Nb C103 refractory thrusters proven in space
  • High mach proven leading edge with integrated cooling
  • Mesh with variable density and embedded internal structures
  • High-quality, low-cost thrusters, injectors, and hot gas manifolds
  • Exceptional strength, impact, creep and oxidation resistance

Report: Additively Manufactured C103 for Propulsion Applications

With melting points above 2,200 degrees C, refractory metals, such as Niobium, are highly heat and corrosion-resistant. Propulsion systems in the upper stage are using Niobium machined from its raw form. This is because it’s traditionally been difficult to 3D print and maintain the material properties needed for hypersonic flight. But through metallurgical control Chief Scientist Youping Gao, Ph.D. 🦕 was able to produce material far superior to the wrought material.

Read Dr. Youping Gao’s scientific contributions in this industry-leading NASA report:

More Industries

Aerospace & Defense

ADDMAN produces mission-critical components for vehicles of land, sea, and air. We understand that for these applications, everything is on the line and the stakes are immeasurably high. Aerospace & Defense professionals choose ADDMAN as a single source partner because our capabilities are vast, our delivery is on time, and our quality is unwavering. The team at ADDMAN has provided components on nearly every major military aircraft for more than 50 years.


With 3D printing of metals and polymers and injection molding, ADDMAN makes medical device components, surgical tools, and acoustic accelerometers. Our processes, certifications, and personnel meet the highest quality standards.


ADDMAN solutions make energy generating components more efficient and sustainable by enabling optimal thermal operation at high speeds. Our industry leading 3D printing methods for refractory metals are enabling transformative steps in turbine components.

Industrial Manufacturing

Our services range from prototype to production-level parts, including tooling, forms, check gauges, jigs, fixtures, and molds. Our problem-solving horsepower solves the most complex production challenges.