Scan + Replicate

Develop Parts From Existing Ones 

One of the simplest ways to produce a part that already exists is to use the original as a starting point. ADDMAN Engineering can utilize the latest technology to scan and replicate nearly any item. 

Our engineers have laser scanning tools that can take full 360-degree scans of any item you need to have produced. These dimensions and images can be loaded into the software and used as the basis of additive manufacturing. Our machinery will then create the object, layer by layer, out of any material you need. 

Take advantage of the newest laser scanning technology to easily replicate any parts require. Save time and money on replication by using additive manufacturing.  

Your parts meet their  doppelganger.


Latest Scanning Technology

Our engineers operate the latest in 360 degree scanning technology.


No File, No Problem.

Don’t have a design file, 3D scanning can solve your problem.


Computer Aided Inspection

Raw data from the 3D scanner can be compared to the original CAD design to generate inspection reports.


Reverse Engineer

Feature based solid modeling, parametric modeling & rapid surfacing



At our core, we are manufacturing experts and view additive custom tooling as a process to be used in the right ways and implemented where it’s needed.

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