Optimize MOQ For Production

Save On Production And Take On Smaller Orders  

Producing any product for a customer can be costly, both in regards to time and money. Most companies have an MOQ, or minimum order quantity requirement, that makes the production worthwhile. ADDMAN Engineering can help lower your MOQ through revolutionary manufacturing processes. 

Additive manufacturing, or AM, makes it quicker and easier to produce the parts you need at a lower cost and faster speed. AM production creates parts using 3D printing technology. Layer by layer, parts can be manufactured out of any number of materials, including metals. 

AM production makes it easy to prototype a part before going into full production, ensuring less wasted time and money. Best of all, this process makes it easy to produce nearly any type of object you could imagine.  

With the right manufacturing process in place, you can lower your MOQ and take on more projects while also saving time and money on overall production. 

How we optimize MOQ For production


Less Inventory

Less parts needed for production and lower MOQs means you’ve got more space.


Lower Costs

Either by lowering your MOQ or getting only the parts you need both ways you save.


On-Demand Production

Need more inventory, Additive can make restocking fast and simple.


Fewer Steps

With a simple and fast production process, MOQ can be drastically reduced.



At our core, we are manufacturing experts and view additive custom tooling as a process to be used in the right ways and implemented where it’s needed.

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