Certified Prototype Design

Go From Concept to Completion with Ease With Certified Prototype Design

Prototyping can be an expensive but necessary, part of production. Ensuring that the parts you need are manufactured off of a perfect design can require many prototype builds. Luckily, additive manufacturing makes prototype design and manufacture much easier. 

ADDMAN Engineering specializes in additive manufacturing. We can create prototypes using nearly any material, producing any object layer by layer. Our CAD software makes it easy to load and tweak designs. When the perfect prototype is ready, manufacturing a part can be done quicker and at a lower cost than other methods of manufacturing. 

When you have the right prototype ready to go, manufacturing with AM processes can speed up your production and save you money. 

These aren’t your daddies prototypes.


Any Material

Whether you need parts made of polymers, metals, or composites, we can make it happen. And that’s just scratching the surface.


Reduced Cost

Less waste and better methods means lower costs.


Cut Development Time

Easily manipulated designs and and faster manufacturing means less time planning and more time doing


Custom Specifications

Whatever your needs our engineers and software can handle it.



At our core, we are manufacturing experts and view additive custom tooling as a process to be used in the right ways and implemented where it’s needed.

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