Polymer and Composite Printing

Polymer parts can be made out of a variety of materials. Additive manufacturing makes it easy to create parts of nearly any shape or size out of polymer materials. A polymer can be loaded into the manufacturing machinery and CAD software can guide the machines to produce the part, sometimes in as little as a few minutes. 

For extra durability and strength, composites can be used for the AM process. Composites feature a main polymer as well as a reinforcing material, such as a metal or fiber. A part that is produced using composites and the AM process offer extra toughness and just as high of quality as parts made by traditional manufacturing. 

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Benefits of Polymer + Composite Printing:

  • Parts in Real Production-Grade Thermoplastics
  • High Durability, Excellent Mechanical & Thermal Properties
  • Simulate Over molding
  • Fixtures & Tools, Functional Models, End-Use Parts
  • High-Resolution & Complex Geometries
  • Larger Aesthetic Models
  • Durable, Excellent Mechanical & Thermal Properties





We utilize additive manufacturing (AM) processes to create parts quickly and efficiently. Using 3D printing technology, we can create the parts you need at a fraction of the price of traditional manufacturing. Whether you need parts made of polymers, composites, or metals, we have the tools and materials to handle the job. 

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A variety of industries rely on the manufacturing of parts, devices, and products. Companies can benefit greatly from using additive manufacturing practices. AM makes it quick and easy to create nearly any part that’s needed. 

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