Metal Printing
Laser –  Powder Bed Fusion

Laser Powder Bed Fusion is an additive manufacturing process in which thermal energy (from a laser) selectively fuses regions of a powder bed layer by layer. The end part(s) can be extremely complex and contain features not possible with conventional subtractive manufacturing processes.

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Benefits of Laser-Powder Bed Fusion:

  • Focused laser offers small feature size and good surface finish
  • Ability to create complex feature(s) and internal cavities
  • Wide range of available materials and growing
  • Material is recyclable
  • Part density can be > 99%
  • Fine microstructure characteristics
  • Open parameter equipment allows modifications for build enhancements





We utilize additive manufacturing (AM) processes to create parts quickly and efficiently. Using 3D printing technology, we can create the parts you need at a fraction of the price of traditional manufacturing. Whether you need parts made of polymers, composites, or metals, we have the tools and materials to handle the job. 

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A variety of industries rely on the manufacturing of parts, devices, and products. Companies can benefit greatly from using additive manufacturing practices. AM makes it quick and easy to create nearly any part that’s needed. 

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