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Processses & Materials

Metallurgy & Print Parameter Development

ADDMAN joins industry leading talent with to constantly innovate previously non-printable materials like refractory metals. We develop parameters for materials and 3D Printing equipment to understand and isolate variables. ADDMAN is able to demonstrate improved strength, density, and reduced fatigue as a result of our process.

Additive Metallurgy is the process of analyzing and controlling variables to achieve optimum finished part quality. Some examples of the variables that affect metallurgy are: Raw Powder, Build Atmosphere, Deposition Strategy, Heat Transfer

  • Aluminum
  • Inconel
  • Niobium
  • Copper
  • Nickel Chromium
  • Other refractory metals

Metal powder is produced with a variety of atomization process, and each produces distinct variations in powder quality. The quality of raw powder is determined by several variables such as size, shape, surface attributes and porosity. The quality of powder determines physical variables, such as flowability through the 3Dprinting process and apparent density.

More Process & Materials

Metal Additive

To bring concept to reality, ADDMAN uses cutting edge Metal Printing technologies, including laser powder bed fusion, which taps into the thermal power of the laser to selectively melt areas of a powder bed, achieving a deeply complex result that’s otherwise impossible with conventional manufacturing means.

Polymer Additive

From design to item in hand, Polymer Printing offers maximum flexibility and rapid results. ADDMAN’s polymer printed parts can range from a single material or a specialized blend including carbon and glass fibers and more. Modern polymer materials offer cost effective strength and serve as fully production replacements.

Precision Machining

Precision machining is the essential backbone for production parts and components. ADDMAN’s Precision Machining footprint includes 5 axis CNC, turning centers, and wire EDM systems, as well as a full complement of processing and finishing elements. Our Precision Machining work dates back over 50 years and is recognized for achieving the highest quality standards.

CMM & Laser Scanning

When it comes to quality assurance, ADDMAN achieves vital measurements for inspection using cutting-edge laser scanning, CT scanning, and CMM technologies. These methods can confirm both external and internal geometry features for conformance to customer requirements.