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With 3D printing of metals and polymers and injection molding, ADDMAN makes medical device components, surgical tools, and acoustic accelerometers. Our processes, certifications, and personnel meet the highest quality standards.

Cleanroom Production

The ADDMAN quality process includes the most advanced technology and internal controls to ensure products meet all specifications. Our cleanrooms are ISO Class 8 certified. In a controlled environment, the cleanroom offers customers high-quality, tight-tolerance, sustainable manufacturing solutions.

The cleanroom minimizes microbes and bacteria by filtering air through a HEPA filter, which pressurizes the room and removes 99.9% of all particles—an extremely important factor in applications for which cleanliness is integral.


  • ISO Class 8 (FED 100,000) Clean Room Molding (certificate)
  • Laminar flow clean room
  • Daily particle monitoring
  • Optimized for production, & prototype, clean room molding
  • 55-400 ton electric injection molding machine options with a 1.95-38oz. shot size depending on the application
  • Cleanroom secondary operations include labeling and packaging

Scalable Precision

ADDMAN simplifies the process of customizing production scalability to fit the volume demands in the most cost effective ways. Our medical industry customers cite our responsiveness and on demand production capabilities.

  • Sustainable Manufacturing
  • Diverse Material Capability
  • Nested Unique Parts for Kit Manufacturing


  • Spinal Implants
  • MRI and Imaging Components
  • IV Components
  • Vials & Barrels
  • Medication Disbursement
  • Blood Pressure Cuffs and Hose Assembly
  • Robotic Surgical Arm
  • Reagent Closures
  • Dialysis Components
  • Surgical Headlamps

Manufacturing Solutions

  • Metal Additive Manufacturing
  • Polymer 3D Printing
  • Injection Molding
  • Precision CNC Machining
  • CMM & Laser Scanning
  • Metallurgy & Parameter Development
  • Engineering & Design Services
3D Printing Medical Devices

ADDMAN produces 3D Printed surgical tools and implements in various materials including surgical stainless steel. These highly specialized products are ordered in exact quantities to maximize cost-effectiveness.

Injection Molding Medical Solutions

The medical industry uses injection molding to manufacture a wide variety of products, which offers numerous advantages. Injection molding of medical-grade plastics is used to produce medical devices, components, laboratory and facility equipment, and more. A key advantage of injection molding lies in its ability to meet the exacting specifications and regulatory requirements of the medical industry.

ISO 13485-certified

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