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ADDMAN solutions make energy generating components more efficient and sustainable by enabling optimal thermal operation at high speeds. Our industry leading 3D Printing methods for refractory metals are enabling transformative steps in turbine components.

Thermal Management

ADDMAN 3D Prints with phase change alloys to allow for the most cutting-edge designs. These designs can only be achieved through additive design and advanced material science.

Corrosion Resistance

ADDMAN is supplier of choice for demanding application environments which often require special treatments and corrosion resistant performance.

Cleaner Footprint

ADDMAN’s 3D printing technology uses modern, environmentally friendlier additive manufacturing. This benefits the planet and also benefits our customers strategic initiatives.

High Temp Turbine Blades

ADDMAN designs and produces 3D printed turbine components for high temperature operation. Modern day advanced alloys are nearly impossible to machine and less cost effective than most additive manufacturing components of the same material.  High performance vanes Designs are hard to produce

 Here are some of the solutions ADDMAN delivers to the Energy Industry

  • Turbine & Compressor Blades
  • Fuel Delivery Components
  • Vanes

More Industries


ADDMAN delivers cost effective and scalable solutions for the space industry at every stage of the mission. Our components enable launch into earth’s orbit and help propel and protect assets while traveling at hypersonic speeds. From refractory metal development of thrusters and nozzles to precision machining of the most difficult materials. Our 3D printed Niobium is the highest performance solution of its kind in the industry.

Aerospace & Defense

ADDMAN produces mission-critical components for vehicles of land, sea, and air. We understand that for these applications, everything is on the line and the stakes are immeasurably high. Aerospace & Defense professionals choose ADDMAN as a single source partner because our capabilities are vast, our delivery is on time, and our quality is unwavering. The team at ADDMAN has provided components on nearly every major military aircraft for more than 50 years.


Since the early 2000’s, Medical practitioners have commonly used 3D printing and additive manufacturing for biological implants & replacements. Today, ADDMAN brings modern 3D printing of metals & polymers to produce world class surgical tools, acoustic accelerometers, and medical device components. Our certifications, processes, and personnel meet the highest production standards.

Industrials & Automotive

In addition to prototype & production level parts, ADDMAN develops tooling, forms, check gauges, jigs, fixtures, and molds for multiple industries ranging from specialty vehicles to yachts to guitar manufacturers to automotive. The problem-solving horsepower at ADDMAN solves the most complex production challenges.