Digital Life Cycle Warehouse

Modernize your supply chain with ADDMAN’s Digital Life Cycle Warehouse services. Not only does it improve speed and accuracy, but it also provides full visibility into the your supply chain. By scanning all your parts, you have them at your finger tips in a moments notice. Ready to print and ship anywhere in the world.

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Traditional vacuum forms require additional lattice work for a strong seal. Instead, we developed a mold with a unique internal lattice to allow uniform sealing while also reducing weight making it more durable. We also used 3D scanning to turn their 100-year mold into a 3D file and reduced the production time from 8 weeks to 2 weeks.

3D Scanning & Printing

Final Product & Digitized Model


We utilize additive manufacturing (AM) processes to create parts quickly and efficiently. Using 3D printing technology, we can create the parts you need at a fraction of the price of traditional manufacturing. Whether you need parts made of polymers, composites, or metals, we have the tools and materials to handle the job. 

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A variety of industries rely on the manufacturing of parts, devices, and products. Companies can benefit greatly from using additive manufacturing practices. AM makes it quick and easy to create nearly any part that’s needed. 

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