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Thermal Management

ADDMAN specializes in delivering solutions that conduct heat into and out of delicate and specialized systems. Ranging from cold plates, to heat sinks, to heat exchangers, to battery cell components we have decades of experience providing premium quality and high value parts. Our expertise covers the full gamut of materials and manufacturing techniques, including ultra-high performance 3D printed cold plates.

Cold Plates

ADDMAN is an industry leader in cold plates with decades of experience. Our cold plates are precision manufactured or 3D printed and serve a variety of Space, Aerospace & Defense applications. We produce plates of all shapes and sizes and to be used with air and liquid cooling methods.

Heatsinks & Heat Exchangers

We produce our heatsinks from small to large scale for the Aerospace & Defense, and Space industry. Our heatsinks are robust and can shielded against resonant interference. ADDMAN heat exchangers use additive manufacturing design to develop complex, self-efficient type heat exchangers with goal-specific design attributes.

More Applications

Castheon Hypersonics

Castheon Hypersonics are at the absolute cutting edge of performance specifications for space and missile applications. We can print ship Castheon hypersonic parts very rapidly to satisfy accelerated testing needs. Founded in 2016 by 25-year Rocket Industry veteran, Dr. Youping Gao, Castheon Hypersonics use meticulous process control and leverage refractory metals, especially Niobium, to overcome modern limitations. From Additive components to Precision Machining of refractories, Castheon Hypersonics delivers.

Thrusters, Nozzles, & Injectors

ADDMAN designs and produces Thrusters, Nozzles, & Injectors for many applications ranging from low cost to high performance. We deliver critical components for optimal flow, temperature control, and thrust efficiency.

Tooling, Fixtures, & EOA

ADDMAN understands that the role of end-of-arm tooling has never been more critical to manufacturing. Automation advancements demand high process versatility and manufacturers are under pressure to deliver. In addition to industrial automation ADDMAN delivers vital solutions in the form of tools, molds, and fixtures.

Mission Critical Hinges

ADDMAN produces mission critical hinges with proprietary tools & techniques to deliver seemingly impossible tolerances for rare geometries and high duty cycles. Our hinges fit applications in the air, under water, and in orbit. We are recognized in aviation defense circles for our concierge hinge design and impeccable quality.